[30 Aug 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]

::sits in her hotel room on the floor in front of her bed, watching some movie on the hotel cable, turning towards the bed and pulling her laptop towards her, pulling it down and resting it on her lap, turning it on and waiting for it to boot and allow her to log online, tapping her fingers on the edge of the keyboard as it does so, pulling up her online journal after a few moments of waiting and beginning to type::

So time for another update since I know you are oh so interested in my life. Things are going good right now. People are still talking about the other night at the VMA's. I told you that you would have to wait and see what would happen. I was called in last minute to replace Jennifer Lopez when she couldn't make the awards, so I was a part of the opening number that will probably go down as one of the best in VMA history or so I've been told. It was just a performance. I was honored to have the opportunity to perform with one of the legends of our time musicly. I've always been a fan of Madonna's, and when I was asked to step in. I jumped at the chance. It was fun and I know the kiss shocked everyone. Still .. not a big deal really. It was just a kiss. Not a bad one either I might add. After that I did my own performance. I did a medley of Dirrty and Fighter. Redman joined me for Dirrty and during Fighter Dave Navarro provided guitar support. I think both performances went rather well.

Tomorrow night we have a show in Indianapolis and then after that there is only two more shows left. The tour will be over. It's kind of weird having it be over. I know I have some more dates coming up in a couple of months overseas, but it qon't be the same as the tour here in the States. It should still be fun though. I think it will be nice to have some time off and rest for a bit. This tour was long and tiring.

::yawns, reading over her entry, before reaching down and clicking post update, getting up and carrying her laptop over to the dresser and shutting it down before going over to the bed and laying back against the headboard, going back to watching television::

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[27 Aug 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

::walks into her hotel room, dropping a shopping bag on the floor in front of the couch of the suite she is staying while she is in New York City, picking up the remote for the television and turning it on low, putting it on MTV before flopping down on the couch and kicking her feet up on the coffee table, spotting her laptop sitting open on the opposite end of the couch, reaching over and grabbing it, resting it on her lap, logging online and pulling up online journal, starting to type::

Another entry from me. I know you were all dying to see it, so here it is. The tour is taking a short scheduled stop this week for the VMA's. If everything had gone like it was supposed to the tour would have ended three days ago, but with the accident back in Atlantic City the tour will now end next week. When the tour started back in June I thought it would never end. All the preparation and rehearsals for it starting back earlier this year I thought this tour would just go on and on, but here we are at the end.

Tomorrow night is the VMA's. I've been scheduled to perform for awhile now. I'm not going to say what I'm doing because I want everyone to be surprised when it happens. Why spoil the fun now by giving details away? I've heard there are even rumors that I'll be performing on stage with Madonna and Britney tomorrow ... interesting. Like I said, you will just have to wait and see. All will be revealed in time.

Last night was interesting. Had a few brief conversations. Seems I grabbed one of Justin's baseball caps and now he wants it back. I'll give it back to him tomorrow. The only reason why I picked it up in the first place was because he had left it laying around backstage. Next thing you would have seen is some fan selling it on E-bay or something.

Also had a brief conversation with a certain choreographer. Nothing in particular interesting about that. I have no idea who he thinks he is fooling with the little concerned act he is trying to pull.

::glances up at the television, seeing something coming about the VMA's tomorrow, reaching down and clicking post update before putting her laptop aside::

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[23 Aug 2003|03:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

::walks over to her bed, sitting on it, moving to lean against the headboard, a soft yawn escaping her lips asshe reaches for the remote, turning on the television and searching through the channels, trying to find something to watch on late night television, throwing the remote back down on the bed, leaving it on a music station, reaching over her laptop and resting it on her lap, logging onto her online journal and beginning to type::

I know its been awhile since my last update. Things have gotten back up and running with the tour. Things are going well with that. We have a couple of more shows before we take a few days off for the VMA's. I'm performing at the awards next week, and I've heard a little rumor that my girl Britney is going to be on stage performing as well.

Tonight I made an appearance over on BET's 106 & Park. We actually taped that yesterday because there was no way I could have been there tonight with the show. was there for the premiere of Can't hold us down. Sat and talked a bit with the hosts Free and AJ. Told them about Impossible being the next single. I am hoping it is anyway. Alicia is a wonderful singer and I love the song.

Well I think that is enough for right now. It's late and I'm falling asleep. After bumping into Justin earlier and talking to Britney briefly I am ready for bed. <ore soon. ::reads over entry quickly, shrugging her shoulders as she clicks post, setting her laptop aside and turning off the light, laying down and going to sleep::

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[15 Aug 2003|01:00am]
::sits in her mostly dark hotel room, not wanting to turn on too many lights with the city still mostly dark from the power outage earlier that day, sighing softly as she looks around the room, trying to find something to do, seeing her laptop setting on the table, walking over to it and turning it on, waiting to see her sign online, surfing through a few websites when it does before coming to a journal site, shrugging her shoulders before creating a journal and going to the update page, resting her fingers on the keys before starting to type::

Since I have nothing else better to do tonight I am creating a journal. do not ask me why. It isn't like I will have enough time to keep this thing up once the tour starts back up next week. I guess I'll start this anyway and see what happens.

Since this is my first entry I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Christina Maria Aguilera. I am 22 years old and for many years I have been a singer. I've released several albums, including a Spanish language a few years back. My latest release was back in October of last year, and it is doing quite well. I've been out the last few months touring in support of it with my friend from back in the Mickey Mouse Club days, Justin Timberlake. We've had a slight disruption in our tour come up though when back on Saturday during the set up the lighting rig fell and crushed our stage. Luckily it was during set up and not the actual tour or more people would have gotten hurt. Only three suffered minor injuries, but the incident postponed a few dates. We're getting back on the road next week though, and we'll only be a week behind schedule.

With what happened Saturday and with the blackout here in New York today I am wondering if maybe I'm cursed. I know that is silly to think that, but you have to wonder. It is my luck to choose to be in NYC when the largest blackout in US History hits it. I've been here since the weekend after the tour got postponed. Did a little shopping in Soho the other day. Wouldn't you know the paparrazzi even got pictures of me shopping for underwear? Of course they all want to know what Miss Dirrty wears underneath her clothes. Well if I'm wearing clothes. My image has changed drastically over the years. I went from your little miss innocent pop princess to this dirrty diva. It is me. It is how I feel most comfortable. If people don't like it then they don't have to go see me on tour or buy my records. I have plenty of fans that will.

::looks up as the light over the bed flickers slightly, sighing softly, hoping the hotel power doesn't go out again::

Well I better cut this short. More soon.

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